This Lithuanian language website presents a wide range of information on environmentally friendly, sustainable and meaningful life style ideas. News, articles and interviews. Opinions and insights. Knowledge and inspiration. Founded by Indrė Kleinaitė, it features GYVA, which is an umbrella brand for organic, natural and environmentally friendly products. GYVA (pronounced  g-y-v-a) means „alive, living, full of vitality“ in Lithuanian language.

Although green consumption alone can not deliver true sustainability, we believe that changes in how we grow, make, use, recycle and dispose of the things our daily lives so depend upon is of utmost importance. Our mission is stimulate people's creativity to produce things sustainably assisting them with knowledge and concrete marketing services that would ensure the financial viability of their initiatives.    

The collection of GYVA is based on strict organic and environmental standards. It is intended only for certified organic, natural and environmentally friendly products; it can be labelled on food, cosmetics and personal hygiene, household cleaning products, clothing and accesories, toys, recycled paper and office stuff made from recycled materials, furniture and interior details, energy saving technology, construction material, etc.    

For more information in English please contact us at: labas@gyva.lt 

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